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New & Improved iPhone App Coming Soon
Apr 17th by kelsie, in Track Time.
First it was our completely re-imagined and re-designed Android App and now the geeks at TSheets have focused their genius minds and energy on the new TSheets iPhone App, coming soon to your choice...
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Online Time Cards for Landscaping Companies On the Go
Mar 24th by kelsie, in News.
Dig down deep into the way a landscaping business runs, and you’ll usually find a paper trail—made up of illegible time cards. It takes time to track down timesheets and manager approvals, espe...
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Sleepless No More: What Everyone Ought to Know about QuickBooks Online and TSheets
Mar 20th by kelsie, in News.
The romance that businesses everywhere are raving about. Sleepless in Seattle. If you’ve seen it, you can’t deny that destiny brings both Sam (Tom Hanks) and Annie (Meg Ryan) together. By the e...
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3 Reasons to Use QuickBooks for Your Business
Mar 19th by kelsie, in News.
As a small business, which would you rather do: improve your bottom line through increased sales, customer recruitment and customer retention OR spend your valuable time figuring out your back offi...
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8:55 Train | Sunny Skies on the Tracks
Mar 14th by kelsie, in News.
You can find out more about Riley and his “8:55 Train” journey at the end of this post… Unlike the groundhog this year I did not see my shadow…at least not as much of it as I have in the pa...
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The QBO Payroll Time Tracking Issue: Solved
Mar 10th by kelsie, in News.
While you may not have been aware, two months ago, new Quickbooks Online (QBO) users noticed issues with time data posting but not appearing in the run payroll pages. Intuit, once notified of the p...
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CLOCK IN YOUR CREW: New TSheets Android App Adds Crew Functionality
Feb 26th by kelsie, in Track Time.
A recent hit on Google Play, the latest version of our new Android app is now a two for one package deal, with Crew functionality just added in as a bonus feature. Before this, our Crew App and sta...
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API in ACTION: TSheets + MPA Computers = New Zendesk App to Bridge the Gap
Feb 20th by kelsie, in API.
How does the TSheets open API—now at in a newly revved up version — mean business for our customers in both the real and virtual worlds? Find out with this case in point....
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